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Alpha Beta Giftwares Co.
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Established in 1988, we are a company that focuses mainly on the latest trends in furniture and giftware. We started this company out of a passion for pottery and ceramic designs. Now that business has grown substantially, we look back in pride at how far we've come. With perseverance and a forward-looking work attitude, we kept on forging untraveled paths to gain business knowledge that was crucial to our maturity as a company.

We contract with European designers to get the latest information on market preferences, and have 15 talented designers of our own. Our special giftware and floral pots are decorated by hand, letting us add intricate details. Cloth-covered items are also available. Please inquire today for further information.

Our Product Range :


  Handicrafts, Gifts and Decoratives

  Antique Furnitures

  Wooden Furniture

  Art and Antiques
Products :

Wooden Boxes
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Alpha Beta Giftwares Co.

New Wallington Road - AX0077
Tel: 8609635, Fax: 8692022
Email Address:

Key Contact:

Mr. John, General Manager
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