RFQ for : Bonny Light Crude Oil, posted by Importer from Canada
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BUY : Bonny Light Crude Oil

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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
27 Dec 2011

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sellers,

We have a buyer for 6 Million BBL of bonny light crude oil per month for 12 months with rolls for China, CIF $12.00 gross, buyer's agent$2.00 Closed.

My commission(Facilitator)is $1.00 negotiable. Please send SCO.

Contact : Sheik*******


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21 Dec 2011
Dear Sir,

We have buyers who are interested in buying crude oil, diesel, petrol, bitumen. Please check mentioned below our buyer's requirement for further proceedings.

Commodity : Crude Oil
Origin : Any Origin
Quantity : 200,000MT X 12 Months
Destination : CIF Sri Lanka & Maldives

Commodity : Diesel
Origin : Any Origin
Quantity : 20,000MT X 12 Months
Destination : CIF Sri Lanka & Maldives

Commodity : Petrol
Origin : Any Origin
Quantity : 15,000MT X 12 Months
Destination : CIF Sri Lanka & Maldives

Commodity : Bitumen
Origin : Any Origin
Quantity : 6,000MT X 12 Months
Destination : CIF Sri Lanka & Maldives

Thanks and Best Regards

Contact : Capt PV********   

Wholesale demand for : Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from India)
25 Oct 2011
Dear Sir

We are looking to purchase crude oil and our monthly requirement is 3000 mtn. Please quote us price for CIF Germany for per mtn in USD. Our payment terms are based on 100% LC irrevocable basis.

Please send us MOQ, transit time and our requirement is on urgent basis.

Contact : S*****   

21 Oct 2011
Dear Sir,

We introduce ourselves as an import & export agent, we have 100 % firm enquiries and we are looking for direct manufacturer or supplier who can supply the following products at very competitive rates.

- Virgin base oil SN150
- D2-500 000MT- FOB, Rotterdam (Also quote CIF Rotterdam)
- JP54-100,00,00 Barrels, FOB Rotterdam (Also quote CIF Rotterdam)
- D2- 2,00,000 x 12 FOB Rotterdam (Also quote CIF Rotterdam)
- Crude oil - 2,000,000 Barrels, FOB Rotterdam (Also quote CIF Rotterdam)

Kindly add 5% payable as commission, so that the total cost is inclusive of our commission. Please let us have your best offer with a detailed specification of goods as soon as possible.


Contact : Rajiv Bal*********   

Wholesale demand for : Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from Norway)
18 Oct 2011

We are dealing with small, medium and major oil trading companies and end users. We are the company pre-negotiating any contract form regarding crude oil for and on behalf of the above(VIP clientele).

Specifications : We buy from:
Countries:- Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq
Volume : 3.000.000-10.000.000 barrels per month
Contract: Term basis-12 month duration
Payment term: FOB only
Condition: USD 4.00 Gross-USD3.00 Net
(Some buyers are very selective regarding compensation and will not pay more than USD 0.20 per barrel)

Requirements : Contract in full together with a separate letter confirm gross-net must be sent to our company upfront-we are dealing directly with principal buyers!!


Contact : Trond Furu*******   

Wholesale demand for : Saudi Light Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from Saudi Arabia)
17 Oct 2011

We are looking for a supplier of Saudi Light crude oil with international standard specifications. 1 million mt required on FOB/CIF as agreed with the supplier for Asian country refinery.

Payment will be made as agreed with the supplier.

Contact : Abdul******   

Wholesale demand for : Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
30 Sep 2011

I'm trying to start job here at Washington DC in USA. The job is to help customers buying commodities in Russia. Customers need Gazprom or Rosneft SCO, now or very quickly. Some of them are ready with ICPO and want me to send to the buyer.

That's why we need that SCO.


Contact : C****   

28 Sep 2011
Dear Sir,

We would like to purchase palm oil and crude oil 5000 mtn monthly. Suppliers please quote price per mtn in USD, CIF- Iraq & Europe Country.

Our payment terms are 100%LC irrevocable and please send us MOQ, transit time.


Contact : Sun****   

Wholesale demand for : Mazut, CST180 (RFQ / Buylead from Malaysia)
26 Sep 2011

We are buyer mandate and we are looking for mazut, CST 180. Please forward me the SCO.

Contact : Rajendra*********   

17 Sep 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking for heavy, medium, light crude oil suppliers. Interested parties please get back to us as soon as possible with all your terms and conditions.


Contact : Omar***   

30 Aug 2011
Dear Sir,

We have requirements of the following products : JP54, D2, BLCO, urea 46%. We will only deal with real end-sellers, and if mandate, prove of authority, must be produced. We do not wish any body's time wasted. Also note that, we must carry out due diligence (DD), on the seller.

We will respond to the above described seller/s only.


Contact : Capt. Toony******   

Wholesale demand for : REBCO, Mazut, JP54 and D2 (RFQ / Buylead from Russian Federation)
24 Jun 2011

We want petroleum products like REBCO, mazut, JP54 and D2. Offers are required for our buyers direct from the sellers or their mandates.


Contact : Major M****   

Wholesale demand for : BLCO Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from Singapore)
26 May 2011
Dear Sir,

I am interested for immediate purchase of BLCO crude oil by a large verifiable buyer but need full details and will require letter for allocation from NNPC as full proof prior to executing SPA.

I want this product in tankers on regular basis for CIF China and the payment will be done on the basis of LC.

Thanks and Regards,

Contact : Shawn*********   

Wholesale demand for : Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
26 Apr 2011

I am a trading agent in USA. I work for finding buyers for suppliers as an agent, my fee is commision after the buyer pays the supplier.

At this time, a buyer in USA needs crude oil. Please contact us for more information.

Contact :
Wilma G-Abdelaziz   

25 Apr 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in importing rough diamonds, gold (Ghana if possible), copper cathode and bonny light crude oil. Please send us the complete specifications of your product including price list.

Contact Person : Hui M   

Wholesale demand for : Crude Oil (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
18 Apr 2011
Dear Sir,

We are interested in importing crude oil into the U.S. We worked in Iraq as an U.S. contractor from 2004 to 2009. We could possibly arrange for barter of needed supplies if needed in addition to cash payments from U.S. oil refineries. Please let me know if you are interested.

Best Regards,
Hugh Hines   

Wholesale demand for : Oil Products (RFQ / Buylead from Taiwan)
31 Mar 2011
We are looking for all kind of oil products. Please send us your best offer with CIF Qingdao, China, and full specification for our reference.

Thank you very much

Contact :
Ray Wu   

Wholesale demand for : Mazut M100-75 (RFQ / Buylead from Australia)
26 Mar 2011
100,000M/T month x12 months (start), price under $300usd m/t, CIF China, prefer direct seller, no upfront fees, longitude & latitude of refinery, refinery's name, selling company's name & connection ie mandate (papers to show). Must be registered company in return payment Prime Bank BG+TT BCL Checkable Buyer agent direct below.

Glenn Woodley   

21 Mar 2011
We are importing petroleum product like thaar.

Contact :
S Rathin Chand   

Wholesale demand for : REBCO, D-2, Crude Oil, JP54 (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
15 Mar 2011
My associate has buyers for REBCO, D-2, crude oil, JP54, opc 42.5, Au gold bullion, HMS 1 & 2.

Doulas Stamps   

23 Feb 2011
We have contact with buyer mandate and end buyer and we can start work just with official soft offer follow the procedure
Our procedure prefer oil in Rotterdam or cif aswp and mazut for CIF China A.Spot Rotterdam

1. FCO From title holder
2. Signed return with transaction banking
3. Commercial Invoice, SGS report, TR, dip test authorization
4. MT 103 for liftable oil
5. RDLC revolving for remaining oil

Lucian Mihu   




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