RFQ for : Detergent Washing Powder, posted by Importer from Syrian Arab Republic
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Posted on
15 Nov 2012
Syrian Arab Republic

Buy Lead Details


We require good quality and cheap laundry detergent washing powder, high foam, powder makes foam for hand washing, soft for hand and healthy for skin, making foam, suitable for hand washing and manual washing machine as well, with flower perfume and good smell.

It will be of any brand. Our requirement is about one 40ft container and packaging should be in bags of 2kgs, 4kgs, 6kgs.

Suppliers please advise available quantities of 2kg, 4kg & 6kg and CIF Tripoli/Libya prices. Also send us the copy of the analysis certificate of the offered washing powder.

Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated.

Best regards

Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Ahxxx Zexxxx

COMPANY : Alxxxx Trxxxxx Co.,
ADDRESS : Al Haxxxxx Blxx. No. ( 4 ), 1xx Flxxx, Ofxxxx nx. (2),
PO. Box: 2xxxx,
Daxxxxxx, Syxxx
PHONE : +9xx (0xx) 3xx 2xxx,
FAX : 9xx-1x-3xxxxxx
EMAIL : axxxxx@sxxxxxx.sx


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24 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy Proctor & Gamble, downy unstopables in wash scent beads, fresh type & lush type plus, Gain brand sweet sizzle fireworks in wash scent beads booster, shake, toss & drop beads into laundry dryer. When finished drying your clothes have a scent as fresh n clean as the outdoors. Consumer plastic size both brands, 13.2oz/375 grams, pack 6 pcs case.

Need 3 to 5 40 FCL ASAP Quote C&F Hong Kong.

Payment Mode : L/C

Looking for suppliers from United States and Canada.


Contact : W******   

18 May 2012

We want to buy washing powder for hand and machinery, perfumed high and medium quality.

Quantity Required: 3 Tons
Shipping Terms: CIF
Destination Port: Durban
Payment Terms: L/C


Contact : B*******   

15 May 2012

We want to buy personal care products like shampoo, conditioners, detergents of brands like Johnsons & Johnsons, Loreal,
Silkpro, Sunsilk, Pantene, Bioreal, Ginvera.

Shipping Terms : As per supplier

Destination Port : Singapore

Payment Terms : By cheque

Looking for supplier from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Indonesia (East Asian Countries).


Contact : Sim*********   

15 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy hand sanitizer, floor cleaner, hand wash.

Quantity Required :

(i) Hand Sanitizer---1000 Litres Per Month
(ii) Hand Wash-- 1000 Litres Per Month
(iii) Floor Cleaner--4000 Litres, 65% Solids & Active Content No Fillers Per Month

Destination Port : Mumbai

Payment Terms : By cheque

Looking for suppliers from Maharashtra.

Contact : M S*****   




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