RFQ for : Used Rail R50-R65, posted by Importer from Egypt
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BUY : Used Rail R50-R65

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Posted on
17 Feb 2012

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir,

We are general import-export company dealing maily in used rail 50-R65 , HMS1@2 along with few other items worldwide.

1-: Our buyer is so serious Chinese company very interested in purchasing used rail R50-R65 from Japan origin only, No Eurpoean or Russia or any other origin is accepted Just only Japan Origin.

2-: I have just received the reply from the used rail buyer follows :-

3-: The buyer is from China, he wants to purchase the used rail from Japan only, quantity is 30,000mt. He doesn't want any used rail from Europe. Spot deal or contract deal are accepted, but every time, must payment by T/T against documents after site visit.

1) before site visit, buyer will issue non-operative DLC to seller
2) payment against documents (B/L.... etc)
3) do seller have AQSIQ?
4) cutting cost, each rail below 1m

You may find that, the buyer can purchase even spot deal or annual contract. But he requested to negotiate the unit rate every tranche.

Before site visit, the buyer will provide non-operative L/C for fund proof.
After site visit, the buyer will confirm every order.

He can purchase more than 30,000mt, it depends on the capacity of the seller.

After load and get all documents, the seller can choose to received T/T or DLC as the payment.

4-: If accepted, the buyer can confirm offer at once.
5-: The buyer wants to visit the warehouse after contract sign.
6-: And he agreed to provide non-operative DLC before site visit.
7-: Please let me know if you accept the buyer's requirements or not.
8-: Target Price is USD 330/MT Including USD 5/MT for all involved Parties.
Please take note, the buyer requested to purchase used rail from Japan only.

Please let me know if suppliers have any other questions, or your comment.

As mentioned, the buyer is prepared to start to purchase anytime. So, if everything okay, please proceed to next steps asap.

Thank you for your attention. If you need further information, please let me know.

Thank you and best regards.

Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Moxxxxx Alx Mexxxxxx Koxx

COMPANY : Glxxxx Inxxxxxxxxxxx Coxxxxx
ADDRESS : 3 Goxx Stxxxx,
Moxxxxxx bxx,
Alxxxxxxxx 2xxxx
PHONE : + 2xx 3xxxxxx
CELL : 0xx 3xx 8xxx
SKYPE : Moxxxxx Alx Mexxxxxx Koxx.
EMAIL : kxxxxxxxxx@yxxxx.cxx, mxxxxxxxxxx@gxxxx.cxx, sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@lxxx.cxx, axxxxxxxxxxx@hxxxxxx.cxx





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