RFQ for : Maize, posted by Importer from India
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Posted on
23 Apr 2012

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir,

We want maize for animal feed in poultry. We need upto 5000 tons and 10000 tons urgently.

Suppliers contact me on our phone number.


Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Phxxx Kuxxx

COMPANY : Thxxxxxxx Haxxxxxxx
ADDRESS : 0x-0x-1x Thxxxxxxx Hoxxx Raxxxxxx
Waxxxxxx 5xxxxx
PHONE : +9xxxxxxxxxxx
EMAIL : txxxxxxxxx@gxxxx.cxx


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Wholesale demand for : Wheat, Maize (RFQ / Buylead from India)
20 Apr 2012

We want to buy wheat, maize on the following terms :

Quantity Required : Regular
Shipping term : CIF
Destination : Pune
Payment : L/C

Suppliers worldwide please send your best quotes.


Contact : Ankkush*******   

17 Apr 2012

We require wheat-20,000 mt, lentils-1000 mt, chickpeas-1000 mt, maize-2000 mt from suppliers worldwide. We want best CIF price, Chittagong Sea Port Bangladesh and payment will be made through L/C.


Contact : J****   

Wholesale demand for : Yellow Maize (RFQ / Buylead from Canada)
16 Apr 2012
Dear, Sir

We are a firm based in Canada and want to buy yellow maize for animal feed on the following terms:

1) Quantity Required: 50,000 mt/ each month
2) Packaging Terms: Bulk Cargo
3) Shipping Terms: CIF/FOB
4) Destination Port: Mumbai, India port, Vancouver
5) Payment Terms: L/C


Contact : Naresh*****   

Wholesale demand for : Wheat, Yellow Maize (RFQ / Buylead from Kuwait)
31 Mar 2012
Dear Suppliers,

I wish to import wheat and yellow maize on the following basis:

Quantity required : 4 container per month
Packaging terms : comes in 20ft container
Shipping terms : FOB
Destination port : Shuwaikh port
Payment terms : LC
Supplier : Worldwide

Contact : Abraham K*******   

Wholesale demand for : White Maize (RFQ / Buylead from Germany)
29 Mar 2012

I want to purchase white maize on the following basis:

Quantity : On regular basis
Shipping terms : Depend on the suppliers
Destination port : Hamburg port
Payment terms : By L/C

Suppliers or exporters from worldwide send us their offers and contact us through our email address.


Contact : Wolf Henn*******   

21 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We would like to import 1000 mt of food grains broken rice, maize on regular basis from Indian suppliers. Shipping term depends on the supplier and destination port is Delhi.

Payment will be made through cash.


Contact : A***   

Wholesale demand for : White Maize (RFQ / Buylead from India)
25 Feb 2012
Dear Sir,

Our client needs white maize for human consumption.

Details are as under :

1. Quantity needed: 5000mt/month for 1 calendar year
2. Destination: Durban/South Africa
3. Payment terms: LC
4. Your target price if any: target price: $ 220/mt
5. Specifications
Moisture: 14 % max
Defective kernels (a): 13 % max
Other colours (b): 3 % max
Foreign matter (c): 0.5% max
Pinked kernels: 12% max
a+b+c: 16% max
Organoleptic: Natural state, smell and color
Live insect Infestation: Nil

Contact : R***   

Wholesale demand for : White Maize (RFQ / Buylead from Kenya)
16 Feb 2012
Dear Sir,

We have a requirement of 3 lakh white maize. The delivery is required in Harare, Zimbabwe. Worldwide suppliers please send me a quote ASAP and our commission is 6% per order.

Contact : Mbaya*******   

Wholesale demand for : Yellow Maize (RFQ / Buylead from India)
31 Jan 2012

We want 3 tons of yellow maize. Please give quotations if exporters are having that. In the spot we give the LC.

Be free to contact us.

Contact : M. Nara*********   

Wholesale demand for : Yellow Maize (RFQ / Buylead from India)
21 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We need to buy yellow maize from United States.

Yellow Maize Specifications:
Moisture : 12%
Damaged Kernels : 3%
Immature Grains :3%
Packing : Thick Jute bags 100 Kgs.
Payment Terms : L/C (irrevocable)
Payment Terms : CIF
Port Details : Tuticorin Port, India.

Send us catalog & best price in CIF US$.


Contact : M******   

Wholesale demand for : Maize, Rice (RFQ / Buylead from India)
28 Sep 2011
Dear Sir,

We want to import rice and maize on the following terms :

Quantity required : Minimum 5 tons,
Shipping Terms : CIF
Destination port : Iran
Payment : Bank Transfer

Supplier from India please contact us.


Contact : Alka********   

30 Jul 2011

We are interested in purchasing copra oil cake, maize, tamarind seed in any quantity. Please send CIF price, Chennai and we will make the payment through T/T.

Suppliers from Indonesia, Philippines & Malaysia, please contact us.

Contact Person : M. P. D. Sa*******   

Wholesale demand for : Cornflour(Maize), Rice And Sugar (RFQ / Buylead from Czech Republic)
25 Jul 2011
Dear Sir,

We would like to buy cornflour, rice and sugar. I need for our business partner these products. Please propose the quantity, selling conditions and price in FOB ?


Contact : Ing. Vik*********   

Wholesale demand for : Maize (RFQ / Buylead from Bangladesh)
21 Jul 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking for 500 tons maize on regular basis. Our destination port is Bangladesh and please quote CFR price, the payment will be done through L/C.

Suppliers of this product please contact us with all their offers.


Contact : Md. Has*******   

Wholesale demand for : Yellow Maize (RFQ / Buylead from Sri Lanka)
23 Jun 2011
We wish to buy from India very urgently yellow maize for human consumption as well as for manufacture of poultry feed.

Please contact us immediately on our email address.


Contact : A N Vasan********   

15 Jun 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking to buy white maize, beans, rice and sugar. Interested suppliers can contact us with best quotation and detailed specifications.

Please respond to us via email or phone as soon as possible.


Contact : J A Don******   

23 May 2011
We are interested in Frozen Fish like Korean Mcren, Arabian POG, Chillezia, chickpeas, rice, spices, maize in containers. Need these in 10 kgs boxes and in plastic bags and cartons.

Prices to be quoted on CFR basis at Alexndria port, Egypt.

Thank you for your cooperation with us.

Best regards.

Contact : Ehab*****   

21 May 2011
We are interested in purchasing the following :

Soybean grain, soybean seeds, soybean oil cdso, soybean meal, yellow corn grain, white maize, gritz of corn, gritz of maize, wheat grain, wheat flour, sugar icumsa 45, sugar icumsa 100, sugar icumsa 150, powder milk.

Please send me the offers for all these products.


Contact : Anilton*******   

28 Apr 2011
We have regular & bulk quantity requirment of food grains, maize, broken rice, rice, wheat & sugarcane molasses, leather & leather products.


Wholesale demand for : Maize (RFQ / Buylead from India)
27 Apr 2011
We have Indian yellow maize requirement of 12500 MT. Packing in 50kg PP bags. Quote the best price and quantity can be supplied.
Moisture :- 15 percent maximum.
- foreign matter :- 2 percent maximum.
- weeviled grains :- 2 percent maximum.
- damaged otherwise :- 5 percent maximum.
- broken kernels :- 3 percent maximum.
- admixtures :- 2 percent maximum.
- afflatoxin :- 50 ppb maximum.

Kindly quote and contact for further clarifications

Contact Person : M. Kumaresan   




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