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Trade Lead Watch
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Date Type Title Country
04 Aug 2015  To Sell sell hardware new
sell hardware
04 Aug 2015  To Sell Metallic Rigid Sheet with Self-Adhesive new
Usage: wall covering, furniture top finishing, place mat, car mat, door surface, decoration, top finish for MDF board o
04 Aug 2015  To Sell Solid Wood Shelf for Interior Decoration new
Usage: Roma column and pole decoration Code No. 294-13 & 294-14 Material: Solid Red Oak Structure: up-plate, down-shelf Size
04 Aug 2015  To Sell INDUSTRIAL PUMP new
04 Aug 2015  To Sell Chicken Slaughtering machine new
Poultry slaughtering line refers to a kind of meat-food machine which is used to slaughter chickens, ducks and other poultry. P
04 Aug 2015  To Sell Chicken meat deboning equipment new
Application and Usage: Widely used for deboning chicken, hen, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon, fish and other poultry. whic
04 Aug 2015  To Sell Concrete Water Reducing Agent new
Concrete Water Reducing Agent -- Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Details: These are more recent and more effective type of
04 Aug 2015  To Sell European Beech Logs A/B grade new
Specifications: Diameter: 40cm + (up to 15% 30-39cm) (measured under bark, small end) Length: 4m + 20cm free trim (but we ca
04 Aug 2015  To Sell European White Logs A/B grade new
Specifications: Diameter: 40cm + (up to 15% 30-39cm) (measured under bark, small end) Length: 4m + 20cm free trim (but we ca
04 Aug 2015  To Sell Concrete High-Range Water Reducer new
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (mother liquor 40-50%) in Concrete Admixture Poly carboxylic superplasticizer is a new gene
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Product Watch
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Date Product Name Country
03 Aug 2015 Arm Chair  new
Arm Chair.
03 Aug 2015 Brazilian Chicken Paw  new
Brazilian Chicken Paw.
United States
03 Aug 2015 Brazilian Whole Halal Chicken  new
Brazilian Whole Halal Chicken
United States
03 Aug 2015 Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles  new
Ceramic glazed wall tiles.
03 Aug 2015 Knife Gate Valves  new
knife gate valves.
03 Aug 2015 Leather Sofa  new
Leather Sofa.
03 Aug 2015 Sofa  new
03 Aug 2015 Wood Pellet  new
Wood Pellet.
Viet Nam
03 Aug 2015 South African Wines  new
Red and white wine from western cape of south africa.
South Africa
03 Aug 2015 Western Cape Crayfish  new
Fresh live and frozen crayfish.
South Africa
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Company Watch
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Date Type Company Name Country
04 Aug 2015 Indian Supplier Lakshana Exports  new
Basmati rice, coco peat, A4 paper, sun flower oil, spices like cardamom, pepper, and turmeric
03 Aug 2015 Foreign Supplier 3H Fashion  new
Pant, T-shirt, panty, polo shirt, undergarment
03 Aug 2015 Indian Supplier Aadinath Bearing  new
03 Aug 2015 Foreign Supplier AB Buying House Ltd.  new
Redymade garments in knit, woven & sweater
03 Aug 2015 Foreign Supplier Adeel Ansary  new
Printing paper & board
03 Aug 2015 Indian Supplier Adithiya Global Exports  new
Handloom cotton, silk sarees, all food items, fresh coconuts, yellow maize, herbal
03 Aug 2015 Foreign Supplier Adto Group  new
System scaffolding: kwikstage system, layher ringlock scaffold, frame system, 2. Steel props-jack base & U head, .Aluminium formwork beam, metal plank & steel plank boards, ERW pipe-lsaw, SSAW pipe, spiral welded pipe square rectangular tube, hollow section, hot dipped galvanized pipe, painted pipe, black pipe and couplers, deformed bar, angle bar tie rod, wing nuts, Steel plate, steel coi, l steel nails, work tower, platform, aluminium ladder, steel ladder
03 Aug 2015 Foreign Supplier Afoos Limited  new
PTFE sheet, pipes
03 Aug 2015 Foreign Supplier Aiyi Mannequin  new
Female mannequin, Male mannequin, Kids mannequin
03 Aug 2015 Indian Supplier Akas Foods Processing Pvt. Ltd.  new
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