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Trade Lead Watch
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Date Type Title Country
07 Feb 2016  To Sell Voltage Stabilizer. Voltage Regulator. Servo AVR new
We supply Voltage stabilizer or Servo stabilizer or Voltage Regulator (AVR) ranging from 500VA to 1000kVA in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, S
United Arab Emirates
07 Feb 2016  To Sell Tungsten Alloy Shot new
Tungsten alloy shot is used as the shot for shotgun hunting shells. The pellets spread upon leaving the barrel, and the power of
07 Feb 2016  To Sell tungsten shot new
Tungsten alloy shot is used as the shot for shotgun hunting shells The pellets spread upon leaving the barrel, and the power of
07 Feb 2016  To Sell Food Color Additives new
Dear sirs, Please be informed we have the possibility to provide you with two kinds of food color additives that are 100% nat
United Arab Emirates
07 Feb 2016  To Sell Imitation Jewellery Exporters(INDIA) new
#Neck wear with ear studds #Bracelets #Handicraft #Beaded #Gypsy tribal ethnic art wear #Raheem overseas, 103, Minnappan Street,
06 Feb 2016  To Sell PLASTIC PALLET new
Dear sir Since 1998, we are Manufacture & Supplier of our plastic pallet & Crate & wodden pallet & various storage equipement l
South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
06 Feb 2016  To Sell Sportswear underlayer Fitness & Yoga new
Description: Sportswear underlayer Fitness & Yoga Specificaiton Materials: Polyester Polyurethane Nylon Spandex Gender Chart
South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
06 Feb 2016  To Sell BIO, Organic Cosmetic Oil new
We are an organic cosmetic production company of products, as, Oils for: regrowth of hair, regrowth of lashes, haircare, anti-ce
06 Feb 2016  To Sell Calcium soap, calcium salts for rumen bypass fat new
Increases milk yield and fat. used in cattle feed.
06 Feb 2016  To Sell Rumen bypass fat new
Rumen bypass protected fat, fractionated fatty acid, calcium salts- increases milk yield and milk fat.
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Product Watch
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Date Product Name Country
04 Feb 2016 API Pralidoxime Iodide 
API Pralidoxime Iodide
United States
04 Feb 2016 Diclazuril 
United States
04 Feb 2016 Heat Transfer Film 
Heat Transfer Film
South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
04 Feb 2016 Heat transfer Flex Vinyl 
Heat transfer Flex Vinyl
South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
04 Feb 2016 Knitted fabric for sportswear 
Knitted fabric for sportswear
South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
04 Feb 2016 Oak Worktop 
Oak Worktop
04 Feb 2016 Rafoxanide 
United States
04 Feb 2016 Sportswear Garment 
Sportswear Garment
South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
04 Feb 2016 Cassia Split 
Vietnam cassia / cinnamon which is best quality.
Viet Nam
04 Feb 2016 Coding Ink Marking Ink 
Porous ink and non-porous ink, blister ink.
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Company Watch
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Date Type Company Name Country
05 Feb 2016 Foreign Supplier 3k Buinesess Group  new
05 Feb 2016 Foreign Supplier Active Design  new
Sofa sets
05 Feb 2016 Indian Supplier Agro Carbons International  new
charcoal, briquettes, jaggery, sugar
05 Feb 2016 Foreign Supplier Al Johar Traiding  new
Surgical equipment, beauty products, dental equipment, jewellery items
05 Feb 2016 Foreign Supplier Alygold Srl  new
05 Feb 2016 Indian Supplier Amaravathi Exports & Traders  new
Coconut oil, neem oil
05 Feb 2016 Indian Supplier Amarendra Mohapatra  new
Construction materials, herbal products, fish and fish products
05 Feb 2016 Indian Supplier Amrutva Exports Pvt. Ltd.  new
Sesame seeds, spices
05 Feb 2016 Indian Supplier Ananda Jyoti  new
Coconut oil, lavender oil
05 Feb 2016 Indian Supplier Avm Exim  new
Wheat flour, wheat
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