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Trade Lead Watch
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Date Type Title Country
28 Jan 2015  To Sell Selling the best quality cigarettes in Duty Free new
We can supply various types of cigarettes at good price. List of available brands: - American Club - American Plaza -
28 Jan 2015  To Sell Fresh Apples from Poland new
Dear Buyers, We are company from Poland which consolides many agricultural units. We Would like to sell our extreamly good Qu
28 Jan 2015  To Buy Womens fashion clothes (18-30 new
Looking for clothing type such as paradisco, Mia, shareen ect.. Fashion dresses. For large Ireland store
Please let me introduce myself, this is Alexander Alonso, from the Export Department of the Company Cabo Vírgenes. Fishing, proc
28 Jan 2015  To Sell MPPT/USB PWM Solar Charger Controller new
MPPT Solar charger controller, Full power output, 12V/24V auto. 24V/48V auto 10A/20A/30A/40A/50A/60A, light control and time cont
28 Jan 2015  To Sell AGM/GEL Battery from South Korea new
GM/GEL Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Deep cycle. Free Maintenance. Long Life Time, Comes from South Korea Votage: 12V / 2V, Capacit
28 Jan 2015  To Sell red sandalwood new
red sandalwood
28 Jan 2015  To Sell On/Off-Grid Hybrid Inverter new
On/Off-grid Hybrid Inverter with MPPT Charger, Built-in UPS & AC Charger function. Model:DY-SH2048, 2KW 48-110V, Model:DY-SH3048,
28 Jan 2015  To Sell On-grid Solar Micro Inverter new
300W, 600W, 1200W On-grid solar micro inverter with MPPT, Fit for home and commercial solar power system, easy install and mainte
28 Jan 2015  To Sell DC Refrigerator, Solar Refrigerator new
DC Refrigerator, Solar Refrigerator Car and home double used DC refrigerator, Capacity: 12L-106L.Power:35W-76W.Input Voltage:D
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Product Watch
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Date Product Name Country
28 Jan 2015 Custom Software  new
Custom software development.
28 Jan 2015 Fish Meal  new
Best grade fish meal.
South Africa
28 Jan 2015 Fresh Chilled Silver Pomfret  new
Fresh chilled silver pomfret.
28 Jan 2015 Frozen Chinese Pomfret  new
Frozen Chinese pomfret .
28 Jan 2015 Frozen Fish  new
Frozen fish.
28 Jan 2015 Frozen Ribbon Fish  new
Frozen ribbon fish.
28 Jan 2015 Frozen Squid  new
Frozen squid.
28 Jan 2015 Grey Knitted Fabric  new
Grey knitted fabric.
28 Jan 2015 Hoodies  new
28 Jan 2015 Hoodies  new
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Company Watch
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Date Type Company Name Country
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier A&S Auto Motor Co., Ltd.  new
Alternator, motor, starter, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Ford, Lada, Hitachi, Hyundai, (nippon) Denso, Delco, Cummins, Komatsu, Nissan, nikko, hino, Mitsuba, Citroen, Isuzu, Sawafuji, Valeo, Motorola, Prestolite
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier A&S Global Services Ltd.  new
Beef, sheep, sea food, meat
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier Aak International  new
Fruits, garments, handbags, wallets
28 Jan 2015 Indian Supplier Abhijit Solar System Pvt. Ltd.  new
Solar products, solar street light, solar lantern, solar emergency light, solar systems
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier Abra Leather Industry  new
Leather working gloves, driver gloves, welding gloves, fashion gloves, Bavarian leather garments, welding aprons
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier Acrylex  new
MDF board, wood, coal
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier Africa Trade World  new
South Africa
28 Jan 2015 Indian Supplier Aggarwal Yarn And Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.  new
Acrylic yarn, shoddy yarn woolen yarn.
28 Jan 2015 Foreign Supplier Agri Foods And Beverages  new
Organic nuts like cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, African sesame seeds, spices like fenugreek seeds, black pepper, red sweet paprika, cardamom, ground and blended spice like turmeric powder, cumin powder
United States
28 Jan 2015 Indian Supplier Agro Foods  new
Dry vegetables, dry fruits
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