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Trade Lead Watch
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Date Type Title Country
18 Apr 2014  To Sell BPW315 mining piston type water spray pumps new
Spray pump type BPW315/10 BPW315/16 working pressure(MPa¡ê© 10 16 motor power(KW) 75 125 nominal flow rate(L/min) 315 31
18 Apr 2014  To Sell BPW250 diesel engine piston spray pumps new
It is the mainly mechanized working face double-drum shearer provide high pressure spray dance extinguishing dust water, in ord
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Strontium Titanate new
Strontium titanate (SrTiO3) Powder CAS No.: 12060-59-2 MF: SrTiO3 Appearance: White Powder Application: Is a kind of exce
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Black pepper & white pepper new
We can offer the Black / White pepper 500 gl 550 gl price will be as per the quantity . Rest we can source, yellow corn for
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) new
Barium Titanate (Barium Titanium Oxide, BaTiO3) Powder CAS No.: 12047-27-7 MF: BaTiO3 Appearance: White Powder Appli
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Light Welded Wire Mesh Machine new
Huanghua Feiteng Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd manufacture welded wire mesh machines as automatic stainless steel welded wire mesh
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Automatic Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Machi new
Automatic Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Machine Huanghua Feiteng Wire Mesh Welding Machine Co., ltd. is one of the professi
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Oily water treatment flocculant Polyacrylamide new
1. Introduction: Polyacrylamide is a kind of soluble high molecular weight polymer or polyelectrolyte. Having several polar gro
18 Apr 2014  To Sell Supply china pipe bend new
Cangzhou Honda Pipe Bend Co., Ltd Item:pipe bend Material:A234-WPB.A420-WPL6.A234-WP12.A234-WP11.A234-WP5.A403- WP304.A403-WP30
18 Apr 2014  To Sell YAG2513-600W metal laser cutting machine new
1. Professional factory 3600 square meters and 120 square meters dust-free workshop. 2. Key parts such as laser generator, lase
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Product Watch
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Date Product Name Country
17 Apr 2014 10 basket dump bins  new
0 basket dump bins/10 basket floor display merchandiser.
17 Apr 2014 4 tier spinner dump bin  new
This 4 tier spinner dump bin has four wire baskets that nest together for store products.
17 Apr 2014 5 shelf candy display rack  new
5 shelf candy display rack.
17 Apr 2014 Display racks  new
4 shelf display racks, with casters.
17 Apr 2014 E26 led bulbs  new
Morel led corn light, 27w, samsung chip, >2, 800lm luminous flux with ul mark.
17 Apr 2014 Hard chrome plated piston rod  new
Hard chrome plated piston rod, piston rod, hard chrome plated rod, chrome rod, chrome plated rod, hard chrome plated bar, chrome
17 Apr 2014 Honed stainless seamless tube  new
Honed stainless seamless tube, stainless cylinder tube, stainless hydraulic tube, stainless hydraulic cylinder tube.
17 Apr 2014 Honed tube  new
Hydraulic tube, cylinder tube, honed tube, skived and roller burnished tube, hydraulic cylinder tube, pneumatic cylinder tube.
17 Apr 2014 Honed welded tube  new
Honed welded tube, welded honed tube, welded cylinder tube, welded hydraulic tube.
17 Apr 2014 Id honed and od chrome plated tube  new
Id honed and od chrome plated tube, piston tube, telescopic cylinder tube, telescopic hydraulic tube, telescopic hydraulic cylin
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Company Watch
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Date Type Company Name Country
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier A&S Tire Co., Ltd.  new
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Aarr Consultores  new
Food and beverages
17 Apr 2014 Indian Supplier Abc Herbal Hair Oil  new
Hair oil
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Abida Stars  new
Sports wears
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Agro Svit  new
Food, agriculture products
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Agro-Bilogora J.D.O.O.  new
Essential oils, herbs, agricultural products
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Agro-Simo-Mashbud Ltd.  new
Grain processing equipment
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Ahnimex Corp.  new
Mill scale, volcanic mineral powder, aluminum scrap, metal scrap
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier AIFS International  new
Meat & bone meal
17 Apr 2014 Foreign Supplier Airmax Jamaica  new
Ubiquity airmax radios, rocket m series, nanostations, nano bridges, air grid, airmax antennas, air fiber, airmax accessories
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