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IndiaTradeZone.Com is a global Business-to-Business (B2B) trade portal having 150,896 registered importers & buyers from export-import community worldwide. Our site has a vibrant registered members from following categories:
  • Buyers from India
  • Importers from India
  • International Importers
  • Manufacturers from India
  • Suppliers from India
  • Exporters from India
  • International Exporters
  • International Manufacturers
IndiaTradeZone.Com is a common B2B platform for Importers, Buyers, Sellers, Exporters, Wholesale Traders and Manufacturers.

Importers at our site deal in diversified range of products across 1,838 categories. A list of 10 random product categories with the number of importers is given below for your reference:

Product Category
No. of Importers
Automobile Tyres & Tubes importers
Clothing Accessories Importers
Leather & Leather Products importers
Lingerie importers
Paper & Paper Products Importers
Petroleum Products importers
Shirts & T-Shirts importers
Textiles, Garment & Apparel Importers
Toys Importers
Wines & Champagne Importers

Membership Benefits:

  • Get buy leads and buy requirements posted by importers
  • Receive inquiries from buyers & suppliers of your products
  • Contact paid Importers and Exporters of your products
  • Get response from paid Importers & Exporters of our website
  • Post export / import trade leads and purchase requirements
  • Display your company profile and products at 114 Trade Portals

Success Stories:

Firstly me and my company would like to thank you for the help and co-operation received form your side. Our company's profit has immensely increased from and you other 114 trade portals. We received our first buyer form you and we are very happy with your services you provide. We receive 80% of business from you and have a positive hope that this rate will only increase in future. Thankyou.

M.R. Potalia
Executive Director, Town Aart
Country: India

Enquiries are serious in nature. Timely response with details asked for by the buyers gives fruitful results.

Ammith Ml Kumar
Director, Apophyllite Fitwears Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India

Your site is simply the best. It has helped us alot in finding the buyers and suppliers. It connects to us to the outside world. I would like to thank you.

Richa Arora
Employee, Rahul Sidhu Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India

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