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979 Indian Suppliers of Petroleum, Oil & Related Products
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Apex Green Trading Corporation 

Exporter / Supplier of: Russian fuel, D2 and JP54 and mazut and all petroleum fuels


9 Oceans Group 

Exporter / Supplier of: Coal, sugar Icumsa 45 & 100, bitumen, urea, fertilizers, cast iron, charcoal, iron fines


Vision Advance Speciality Carbons Pvt. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Activated carbon, coconut shell based activated carbon, wood based activated carbon


Arsta Eco Pvt. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Charcoal briquettes, coco peat, biochar


Eco Fresh Carbon 

Exporter / Supplier of: Activated carbon


Jha Brothers Shipping And Trading Pvt. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Rice, coal, iron ore, petroleum products, D2, JP54, BLCO

New Delhi

Sareen Impex Pvt. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Rice, sugar, soyabean meal, wheat flour, garlic, food preparations, cement , hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, PP jumbo bags, polos, shirts, t shirts , bitumen



Exporter / Supplier of: Refractory bricks, castables mortars, hot insulation lrb mattress, mineral wool, glasswool, bleaching earth/fuller's earth, bentonite, activated carbon, industrial pumps, cables tools, valves and strainers, solar panels, brick making machinery, acid proof tiles

Navi Mumbai

Aesha Resources 

Exporter / Supplier of: Citric acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, corn starch, Ammonium Sulphate, Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI), Polyol, PET (approved for coca cola and other bottling plant), Acetic acid, Ethyl Acetate, activated carbon, Bentonite, industrial Salt, maida (wheat flour), Asofoetida powder (hing powder)


Natmin Minerals & Trading Private Limited 

Exporter / Supplier of: Barite, bentonite, quartz, feldspar, fly ash, calcium carbonate, bitumen, hematite, guar gum powder, sodium bicarbonate, caustic soda, rice, iron ore, refined cooking oil, chickpeas, canola oil, sugar icumsa 45


Pratima Abode Llp 

Exporter / Supplier of: Pig iron, sponge iron, iron scraps, JP54, jet fuel, mazut, D2, diesel, crude oil, bullion, gold


Monad Enterprises 

Exporter / Supplier of: Diesel fuel injection equipments


Syndicate Trade Line 

Exporter / Supplier of: Dry fruits, petrochemicals, mines and minerals


Gaurav Associates 

Exporter / Supplier of: Oil and gas field drilling equipment, railway and machine tool components

New Delhi


Exporter / Supplier of: Spin finish oil & conning oil for poy (polyester)


Sastha Engineering Services 

Exporter / Supplier of: Brakes, carburretor, water pump, oil pump, fuel pump components


Biofuels India 

Exporter / Supplier of: Biodiesel manufacturing equipment, jatropha seeds, jatropha seedlings, biofertilizers, biodiesel, glycerol, organic mature


Ratan Galaxy Pvt. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Paraffin wax, match wax, slack wax, residue wax, industrial greases, iron scrap ( heavy), green coke, kerosene, foots oil, base oil, bitumen, petroleum jelly, rubber process oil, petrochemical solvents


Indraprastha Petroproducts Pvt. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Soluble cutting oil emulsifier, lubricants additives


Filter Concept Inc. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Cartridge filter, bag filter, basket filter, strainers, filter cartridges, filter bags, compressed airfilter, pleated air filters, pleated dust collection bags & cartridges, dust collectors, stainless steel filters, hydraulic & lube oil filters, gas filters


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